“Allie you’re so loud,” and other flaws I don’t need pointed out to me.

Me  being obnoxious.
Me being obnoxious.

I will be the first one to tell you that I am a perfect human — which is, of course, hyperbole. Here is a list of things I have been accused of over the last ten years that are absolutely true:

I am loud.

Twenty-five years old and I am still regularly shushed by my mother in public. I objectively know that I’m loud, but I never notice as my voice crescendos throughout a conversation. I am trying to work on it but then again I’ve been working on it for ten years and very little progress has been made.

I talk too much.

On the other hand, I do realize when I am talking excessively but rarely am I able to stop it. It’s like a train gone off the rails. My mind moves a lot faster than my mouth (and my mouth moves pretty damn fast) so I’m always thinking if-I-can-just-get-this-thought-out-I’ll-give-the-other-person-a-chance-to-talk. Problem with that is that the thought leads to another and another and another and another… with no break for air.

One of the downsides of being such an extreme extrovert, I start picking up energy as soon as I get around a group of people. Within minutes I am so hyped up that I’m unaware of how intense I’m being — until I get alone and think back on my behavior. I always tell myself that I’ll ease up on the gas a bit but I never seem to remember when my adrenaline is pumping.

The way I process my own thoughts and feelings is through talking about them to as many people as possible. As my friends and family know, if I am working on making a decision, I talk about it incessantly to anyone who will listen. With my sister and mom both being introverts — I wear them out. That’s actually why I started this blog; I knew I was driving everyone crazy but I had to get my thoughts out somewhere.

I am a loudmouth.

This know this might shock you all; not only do I unintentionally shout during conversations, but often things come out of my mouth that people don’t need (or want) to know. Speaking first and thinking later (with my head in my hands) is unfortunately my MO. Most of the time I tell anyone who will listen about me, my decisions, my thoughts, my likes/dislikes, my past and my future – but every once in a while someone else’s secret comes out of my mouth before I even have time to consider biting my tongue. That is where this becomes a problem more than just a source of personal embarrassment. So do me a favor and don’t confide too terribly much in me — I don’t even trust myself.

I am cocky.

As I addressed in a previous post, I think self-confidence is a good quality. I do like myself, and I hope all of you like yourselves too. That being said, I like to go to extremes with everything and my words often get taken literally when are are meant as a joke (e.g. “You wouldn’t understand my sophisticated humor, I did live in England after all.” Followed by me laughing at my own joke and then walking away with no clarification). I know a lot of people have gotten this impression of me because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say, “I thought you were a giant bitch, but you’re actually pretty cool!”


So even though I do like myself, I do laugh at my own jokes, I am hyper-aware of my downsides (as illustrated by this post).

I am a know-it-all.

This is something that I have toned down a lot in recent years. Anyone who knows me knows that I am knowledge-obsessed and whenever I find something that interests me, it encompasses my life. I read everything I can find, and learn all that I can about it. Because of this, if someone tells me an interesting little tidbit about something I already know about I will immediately launch into a full-blown sermon about the aforementioned subject. This, I now know, is annoying. But really guys, I genuinely want to share knowledge with you because I appreciate it (truly) when someone does that to me.

So there it is, kids.


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