To Degree, or not to Degree.

Note: I value knowledge, curiosity, creativity, intellectualism, etc. The following addresses the false idea that having a college degree guarantees any of those qualities. I have my Bachelor’s Degree – I’m glad that I got it – and I’m thinking seriously about getting my Master’s. Even though that’s the case, however, I have recently realized […]

You hate Pacific County? Read this.

I admit that I’m guilty of talking about how much I hate Pacific County. Since high school, I have actively perpetuated the anti-Pacific County sentiment. It’s difficult not to inherit that perspective when the generations before me were always echoing in my ear: “There’s nothing here for you,” “You need to get away from here,” […]

Not a Rant

I have been putting off writing this for a while but in the last week I’ve had four people say to me that they “don’t like feminism” and I’m tired of having the same conversation over and over. So, if I’ve linked you here, thank you for being open-minded and checking it out. Odds are, […]

-Temporarily out of commission-

Sorry everyone. I recently moved and haven’t had internet for a while (still don’t) so my blog posts have fallen by the wayside. I promise to get back at it when I can afford to… In the meantime, here is a photo of me from my friend’s wedding that I was in this weekend. Got […]

Taming Wanderlust

Some people are not interested in leaving their hometown. I’ve heard people say, “nah I don’t ever want to go to Europe.” What? When I was younger, I couldn’t even grasp that line of thinking. I thought they were just mistaken, or in denial. Everyone wants to travel. The older I get though, the more […]